Anyone can lose weight and stay fit!


Your thoughts do matter! Everything starts with a thought. And we can control our thoughts.
Thus, if you want to make progress in something, work on your thoughts!

Leo Tolstoy

Nowadays there are many sources of information that describe secrets of personal transformation. The information is available and the instructions are numerous, but the corresponding success stories are relatively scarce. Why is it so? What is the biggest problem? 

Typically, most people look for simple, pleasant, and easy solutions that bring immediate wonderful changes. However, such expectations are mere illusions. Only aggressive salespeople and promoters can benefit from them. Simple and quick solutions are rare. If someone offers you something like that, be cautious. There must be a catch!  

Bringing your weight to a norm is a process that is based on three fundamental elements: healthy nutrition,  active exercises, and mentality. The last element is often underrated. Actually, it is crucial. Everything depends on the way you think.  

What is a typical scenario for many weight loss stories? A person selects a suitable diet and starts training. After a certain period, the result can be seen. The weight becomes normal. The happy person celebrates the victory. The diet and training are forgotten. The person restores his initial lifestyle. Immediately the problems with the weight come back. He becomes a fatty again quite quickly. Why? What goes wrong? The answer is simple. No wonder. The rule is very straightforward: 

Your old lifestyle  = Your old weight!

Your appearance and weight reflect your thinking and behavior. You deserve them. They are not accidental. No hostile circumstances are to blame. We are responsible for being what we are. We created ourselves.   With or without our intention, but it happened. If we are not happy with the result, we must recreate ourselves! That is the point! 

It is impossible to maintain your new appearance and health without drastic  transformation of mentality. One must become an absolutely different person.
The sub-consciousness must be modified. 

The bottom line is simple. No temporary dieting! No occasional visits to a gym! Stop talking about diets! You will have to stick to your new style (that is the proper name!) for the rest of your life. No finish line in your practices. It was all wrong in the past. From now on, it will be perfect. No stops. No breaks. Say bye-bye to your previous life!  Enjoy it!  

Our conscious and sub-conscious minds often resist any attempt at transforming our personal status quo. However, we can overcome! That is not easy. But there is no choice. There is no alternative. We can learn how to do it. There is no need for suffering and coercion. We will love it. Do not think about negative things! If you do, you will make a step towards a failure. The obstacles are only inside your brain and nowhere else.

Sometimes it is possible to make progress by forcing and torturing your inner self. The results may be quite satisfactory. However, such a behavior is far from being optimal. It is up to you to decide. Simply ask yourself - why should I suffer instead of having fun? Do not automatically reject unusual ideas, just because they contradict your beliefs. 

Everything starts with an idea. Ideas are very powerful. They are efficient engines that provide us with a driving force. If you are obsessed by an idea, you have better chances for success. In that case, your activities are not only purposeful, but also pleasant. Stay being obsessed by an idea! It will give you power and energy.

When you have transformed your mentality, your potential becomes stronger in many other spheres.  It will be easier for you to learn languages, to get rid of a bad habit, to improve your communication skills, etc.

Keep the following chain in your mind:

Weight and appearance <=> Lifestyle <=> Thoughts and Subconscious reactions

To lose weight and become fit, change your lifestyle.

To change your lifestyle, change your thoughts.

There are many people, who share similar ideas

Most people throughout the world, not just in Newport Beach, care more about their faces, their boobs, their bellies, their butts, and their abs than they do their brains. But it is your brain that is the key to having the face, the breasts, the belly, the butt, the abs, and the overall health you have always wanted; and it is brain dysfunction, in large part, that ruins our bodies and causes premature aging.
Think perfect thoughts and the result must be perfect weight.
The Diet Mentality has come about because there is agreement in our society that the only way to lose weight is by dieting. But dieting produces absolutely no permanent, positive results. In fact, it makes you feel worse about yourself and probably does more damage than good to your health.

Unfortunately, aggressive marketing techniques and pseudo-scientific ideas often override the reasonable and smart ideas. Many readers are not prepared to distinguish good theories and recommendations from junk ideas, myths, and misconceptions. Avoid brain washers! Do not listen to aggressive promotion words! Pay your attention to the authors who speak in a calm way and without any pressure. Be objective and independent! Good ideas are never aggressive and peremptory. (By the way, I am a strange coach. I am not happy, when people repeat things after me. I am happy, when people start thinking.)

I do not think my ideas are the best. I am not bashing the others. I am not a seller of wonderful pills. I do not even want you to believe me. Stay being critical, when reading my text! Nobody knows the final and complete Truth. But start with asking yourself: Is it time for me to listen to the others? Do not believe everything you hear! Do not believe yourself. Be analytical! Borrow good ideas! Remember, ideas can be widespread but false. Reject false concepts! However, avoid rejecting ideas because they look strange. I know it can be difficult.

That moment of openness and truth is a key to correct understanding. At that moment, our old stereotypes stop working, and we start moving to a new reality.
If we can feel motivation at this stage,
the probability of success will be much higher.

Stereotypes can be neither cancelled, nor avoided. Some people are disappointed at that, but that is truth. Stereotypical behavior is a biological survival instrument. It is far from being perfect. Still it works. As a result, each time we get rid of a stereotype, our brain creates a new one. We should stop fighting against stereotypes. We should substitute bad stereotypes with good ones. It is the only solution that can change us.

Is it possible to put you stereotypes under control? Yes, it is. There are many ways to do it. Select something suitable! Do not sit and grumble! You will never see good results, until you try.

The influence of the social environment is also very important. Your family, your friends, the society can be either your friends, or your enemies. Be prepared to resist the negative influence. The main battlefield is on the territory of your mentality.

Now it is time to move to the next two important factors, i.e. eating and training.

The correct approach to eating is simple to describe. Your meals must contain all the necessary nutritional elements (both macro- and micro-.) The consumed calories must correspond to the burnt calories. Your meals must be regular. Starvation or long pauses between meals are not so good.

It would also be nice, if your ration were diverse and tasty. Unusual products are acceptable as occasional supplements, but avoid switching to an absolutely new strange diet. Surprises are nice, until they are rare.

If you stick to those rules, there is nothing to worry about. If in doubt, read the articles that give details. Keep thinking and analyze everything carefully. Do not believe in mystical food and beverages! Switch you conscious and sub-conscious minds on. 

There are only two ways to control your weight through eating

1. Incoming calories must correspond to the calories we burn. If the calories are excessive, we gain weight. If the calories are deficient, we lose weight. 

Many people love to speak about set points, plateaus, unique metabolism, etc. Yes, it makes sense. However, all those factors are secondary. The main truth is simple. Why is it difficult to accept this simple idea? Because our brain immediately activates itself to protect the status-quo. Our mentality loves illusions it produces. That is quite a typical situation. Do not succumb! If you do, you will remain in your current condition forever. You may believe me or not. It is up to you to decide and make your choice!

The theory behind it is quite simple. Let us consider the following case, in which a person burns approximately constant number of calories each day. If incoming calories are less than the amount of burnt calories, the weight will start decreasing. When the weight decreases, the basal metabolic rate (BMR) will also be decreasing. When the balance is restored, the weight stabilizes. If the person wants to maintain this result, he (she) will have to continue eating that number of calories for the rest of his (her) life. If the person returns to the initial consumption, the weight will immediately start increasing.

2. One can also lose weight by modifying one's metabolism. Many radical diet plans are oriented towards such solutions. You may achieve the result you want, but the price may be very high. I do not mean the price that is expressed in monetary terms. I mean the price you pay with your health and appearance. I am neutral. It is up to you to decide. However, personally I would strongly recommend against a diet plan that changes metabolism.   

*       *       *

Do not look for a magic diet! Do not search for magic food and drinks! Instead, start eating properly. Avoid any diet mentality! Be prepared to stick to a healthy eating plan for the rest of your life!  

When practicing workouts and exercises, one must remember a very important rule: No harm to one's health!

Training must be adequate to a person's age, health, and individual parameters. It is absolutely necessary to consult professionals before going in for sport activities.  

Always start with a warm-up and finalize your workout with a cool-down.

During your training session, monitor your heart rate and signals from your body. Workouts must be pleasant and joyful. 

Some exercises must be avoided by people who are excessively overweight.  For example, such people should substitute running with walking. 

Generally speaking, it is always possible to find and select proper training for any person.

Three types of exercises are quite common: 

1. cardio;

2. stretches;

3. muscle strength.

In most cases, cardio and stretches can be practiced on a daily basis. Muscle strength exercises require a more cautious and well-balanced approach. 

In would be a mistake to think about muscle training as an activity that can be practiced only in a gym with a help of sophisticated equipment. Such exercises can be of many different types. Some of them are quite suitable for elderly or disabled people. If in doubt, consult a specialist.

When selecting exercises for your workout, keep in mind the following criteria:

1. a non-traumatic experience;

2. optimal metabolism;

3. cardiovascular health;

4. optimal balance between strength and endurance;

5. concequences for your appearance;

6. total normalization of physical and psychological conditions.

Some extra criteria can also be important and applied, if necessary.

*       *       *

Finally, take into account the optimal rate, at which a person can normalize weight. Everyone naturally wants to achieve positive results as quickly as possible. However, there is a physiological norm for the rate. In his book A Guide to Flexible Dieting, a weight loss guru Lyle McDonald wrote:

 "The best you can usually do with true fat loss is somewhere between 1 .5-3 Ibs (0.6-1.4 kg) per week (fatter individuals can sometimes lose more)".

Any faster solutions are either false or dangerous.  

That is the essence explained in a simple and concise way!  

Is it enough to solve the problem and achieve good results? Generally, yes. Dictum sapienti sat est. Diets, workouts, and psychological training have already been described in many books and articles. You must be selective. Switch your brain on!  Filter the sources to get the truth. Then use your creativity to adapt the information for your individual circumstances. 

Do not give up! Stay being smart and persistent!
Good luck! You will overcome!

About the author

Three years ago, I got rid of excessive 64 kg (143 lbs).
It took 14 months. Willpower was not necessary. Self-motivation appeared to be better. The process was pleasant, interesting, and useful. No magic. No mysterious and fabulous remedies.
My well-balanced individual approach worked nice. 

I am a professional lecturer. From time to time, I deliver lectures on my method in Moscow, Russia. Professional lectures are nice, but I believe you can easily create your own individual solution. Yes, it will take time and effort. You will have to analyze many sources of information. However, the reward is great!

I would recommend that you pay attention to the following: 

1. Myths about rational nutrition. Dangerous faults and neutral mistakes.

2. Stereotypes of nutritional behavior. 

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6. Optimal workouts.

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8. Typical mental obstacles. 

9. Ways to transform mentality. 

10. Cases and success stories.

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12. How to develop and maintain self-motivation.

13. Mathematical modelling of weight loss.


Date: March 20, 2019.


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About the author

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© MMXIX, Igor Efremov                     Date: March 20, 2019.